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AIHWA 2018 Integrated Healthcare Mission in Africa Highlights

Updated: May 17, 2019

Nigerian ambulance
One of the ambulances used for the mission.

The 2018 AIHWA integrated healthcare Mission was heald at St. Mary's Hospital, Gwagwalada Abuja.

It was an exciting and informative time as Nigerian AIHWA physicians, ophthalmologists,  counselors, nurses exchanged skills and professional handshakes with their American counterparts.

Registration began the week before the mission with all surgical openings filled within the first two days. The Nigerian volunteers and staff of St. Mary's Hospital registered over 1,300 people. The number continued to increase as more people heard about the mission. The overwhelming response clearly illustrates the need for the development of the AIHWA Hope Center.

The AIHWA mission received the support of Government health authorities who donated the services of the local health authority ambulance services for the entire mission.

...Thank you AIHWA for restoring back my health. - Uche Umeh, Gwagwalada



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