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In 2016, a group of American physicians traveled to Nigeria and brought together some of the country's top medical physicians to ask them a simple question: What are Nigeria's greatest healthcare needs?


It became apparent that access to quality medical care for both physical and mental specialties was a high priority. The problem though? The negative stigma around mental health.

After noticing that the available care was fragmented and mental healthcare was frowned upon, they realized that the best solution would be to create a center that would integrate both physical and mental health. Thus, the vision for Hope Center, the first-ever integrated medical clinic in Africa, was born.  

Today, the construction of Hope Center is underway and plans are laid for future medical missions, educational seminars, and more. 

You Can Help

Your support for AIHWA will make a profound difference in the lives of others — patients and medical professionals alike.

We are always looking for volunteers with medical training and counseling backgrounds. But even if you don't have that training, willing hands and an open mind are always welcome.

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