American Initiative for Health and Wellness in Africa (AIHWA)

AIHWA is a collaboration between Africans and Americans to improve the health of Africans through healthcare that integrates body, mind, and soul.


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In 2016 a group of American healthcare workers traveled to Nigeria. While there, they saw the overwhelming need for health care and the lack of commonly available medications and procedures.


The conditions made them think of how Americans could help improve healthcare for the people of Africa. 

After noticing that the available care was fragmented, they realized that the best care system would integrate physical, mental, and spiritual health. So, they set up a series of annual missions, borrowing existing facilities to provide free integrated healthcare services. 


The missions were greeted with thousands of enthusiastic patients — many of whom traveled miles to get to the clinic.


The missions clearly demonstrated the need for a permanent facility to stretch donation dollars further by serving more people, keeping better records to efficiently deliver quality medical care. This lead to the vision for Hope Center

Today, construction of Hope Center is underway and plans are laid for future medical missions, educational seminars and more.  

You Can Help

Your support for AIHWA will make a profound difference in the lives of others — patients and medical professionals alike.

We are always looking for volunteers with medical training and counseling backgrounds. But even if you don't have that training, willing hands and an open mind are always welcome.