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Integrated Healthcare Missions

AIHWA integrated healthcare missions bring internationally-trained physicians to Nigeria for both long- and short-term care. Since its inception only three years ago, AIHWA has impacted nearly 4,000 lives.

Faith and Mental Health Counseling?

Many Africans suffering from mental illness first consult spiritual leaders because they are afraid of being possessed by demons. AIHWA partners with local spiritual leaders to offer the alternative of appropriate mental health evaluations.

Free Vision Care Outreach, 2024

Dr. John Wroblewski's visit has marked a turning point for the AIHWA mission and a significant boost for eye care in Nigeria. Dr. Wroblewski specializes in medical retina and oncology, uveitis, surgical retina, and inherited retinal diseases. He has been board-certified with the American Board of Ophthalmology since May 1994 and is also the founder of Retina Care International.

Dr. John donated Laser and other eye examination/surgery equipment worth over $150,000. He visited the AIHWA Hope Center in Nigeria between February 5 and 9, 2024, to conduct a diabetic retinopathy campaign. During his visit, he taught Nigerian ophthalmologists and optometrists how to use a special fundus camera to examine patients and mentored our two ophthalmologists on how to use the newly donated laser equipment for surgeries.

Throughout the week and beyond, AIHWA provided free medications, screening, and treatments for over 600 eye patients. Patients who needed refractive assistance received free eyeglasses, and several diabetic retinopathy patients received free laser surgeries. Additionally, over 40 patients benefited from free cataract surgeries.

aihwa Vision Care Outreach February 5-9, 2024 in Pictures

You Can Help

Your support to AIHWA's Integrated Healthcare Missions will make a profound difference in the lives of others — patients and medical professionals alike.

We are always looking for volunteers with medical training and counseling backgrounds. But even if you don't have that training, willing hands and an open mind are always welcome.

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