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Integrated Healthcare Missions

AIHWA integrated healthcare missions bring internationally-trained physicians to Nigeria for both long- and short-term care. Since its inception only three years ago, AIHWA has impacted nearly 4,000 lives.

Faith and Mental Health Counseling?

Many Africans suffering from mental illness first consult spiritual leaders because they are afraid of being possessed by demons. AIHWA partners with local spiritual leaders to offer the alternative of appropriate mental health evaluations.


Meet AIHWA Professionals

Here are a few of the American health care professionals who  have traveled to Nigeria on AIWHA  Integrated healthcare missions.

Dr. Jan Ogletree, MD
Dr. Ogletree is a urology specialist in Austin, TX with 43 years of experience.

Beverly Sondag, MSW
Ms. Sondag is a counselor at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, CO. with 49 years of experience.

Dr. Matthew DeKay 
Dr. DeKay is a family practice doctor in Farmington, New Mexico and  is affiliated with San Juan Regional Medical Center.

Valerie DuMond, RN BSN, MSRN
Ms. DuMond is a surgical nurse at Mercy Regional Medical Center, Durango, CO.

You Can Help

Your support to AIHWA's Integrated Healthcare Missions will make a profound difference in the lives of others — patients and medical professionals alike.

We are always looking for volunteers with medical training and counseling backgrounds. But even if you don't have that training, willing hands and an open mind are always welcome.

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