AIHWA has teams working in both the United States and Nigeria. The Nigerian associates know where the greatest needs are and can help navigate the American team so that donations can do the greatest good.

Kenny Udumka, NCC, LPC

Father Kenny Udumka, NCC, LPC


Father Kenny Udumka is the president of AIHWA and is responsible for general administration of the organization and coordination of fundraising for AIHWA missions.

Originally from Nigeria but an American, Father Kenny is a Catholic priest and is currently the Pastor of IHM/JPII Church in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. He is also the Board Chairman for the Achuleta Housing Cooperation, Chairman for the Santa Veronica Charity Foundation, Volunteer Sheriff Deputy for Achuleta County, Colorado, and belongs to several international organizations.


A believer in the power of education, Father Kenny has diplomas, undergraduate and graduate degrees in several diverse fields including Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology, Clinical Mental Health, and is presently a doctoral student. He is also a National Certified Counselor, and Colorado Licensed Professional Counselor. 

With his educational expertise, wide-ranging background and experience growing up in Nigeria, Father Kenny is the ideal administrator for AIHWA


Meet Our Team

Donald Valdez

Donald Valdez

Donald Valdez is a Democratic member of the Colorado House of Representatives representing District 62 since 2017.


Rep. Valdez has a background in farming and ranching and worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Service before taking office. He has also served as Deputy Public Trustee and Deputy Sheriff in Conejos County. Valdez serves on the House Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources Committee and the House Local Government Committee. Donald Valdez provides important links between AIHWA and the state of Colorado

Bev Sondag, MSW

Bev Sondag, MSW

Ms. Sondag is a counselor at Mercy Regional Medical Center in Durango, CO. with 49 years of experience.


Bev is in charge of AIHWA counseling services and volunteer recruitment for AIHWA missions.


Chimezie Onyeoziri

Chimezie Onyeoziri is an American originally from Nigeria. He is presently in charge of AIHWA's Public Relations initiatives.


Mr. Onyeoziri is a known healthcare consultant in the United states. As a US-trained nurse and a Nigerian-trained linguist (English language), he has worked in several US health care agencies and is currently on the staff of Recency Integrated Health Services in Austin, Texas. His wealth of experience in care integration is a huge resource for AIHWA.