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Hope Center

Located in Owerri, Nigeria, Hope Center is our integrated single point-of-care facility — the first of its kind in Africa. Having our own facility makes it safer, simpler, and more economical to provide quality care. 

Currently, Hope Center has an active medical clinic, diagnostics center, eye clinic, pharmacy, and fully functioning water factory all of which provides jobs and services to those in the surrounding communities and abroad. 

When completed, Hope Center will also host:

  • A mental health/counseling clinic

  • 20 guest rooms for short-term residents


Hope Center also provides services for wellness and healthy living through:​

  • Gardens for herbs and organic vegetables

  • Sports/exercise areas

  • An on-site restaurant serving nutritious food

Our central location allows AIHWA to service the people of Imo State and is within a reasonable drive from the neighboring states of Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, and Enugu.


Soon, Hope Center will serve as a home base for AIHWA medical missions.


Current Medical Clinic Building



AIHWA Costs Infographic 4.14 (W- TITLE).png

January 2020: Hope Center water factory completed! This water factory will provide bottled water and jobs to those at Hope Center and the surrounding community.

March 2021: Hope Center Medical Clinic grand opening and commissioning ceremony! 

August 2022: Diagnostic Center completed! Our lab facilities serve 21 small hospitals in our region.

We currently operate on generators but plan on strengthening our electricity by implementing solar panels throughout the center. 

Visit our news page to learn more.

You Can Help

AIHWA needs donations and volunteers. 

Your support to AIHWA's Hope Center will make a profound difference in the lives of others — patients and medical professionals alike.

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