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AIHWA is a collaboration between Africans and Americans to improve the health of Africans through healthcare that integrates body, mind, and soul.


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Hope Center

Hope Center is our integrated single point-of-care facility — the first of its kind in Nigeria. Having our own facility makes it safer, simpler and more economical to provide quality care. 

When completed, Hope Center will host:

  • A pharmacy

  • A primary care clinic

  • An eye clinic

  • A mental health/counseling clinic

  • 20 guest rooms for short-term residents


Hope Center will showcase wellness and healthy living through:

  • Gardens for herbs and organic vegetables

  • Sports/exercise areas

  • An on-site restaurant serving healthy food

Hope Center is located in Owerri, Nigeria. The central location lets AIHWA provide for the people of Imo State and is within a reasonable drive from the neighboring states of Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, and Enugu.


Eventually, Hope Center will serve as a base for AIHWA medical missions to more distant Nigerian and African states.

Proposed Hope Center


So far we have raised $83K. The money we have raised will buy the land, register it, and construct perimeter walls. 


We are looking to raise the final $300K to build and furnish the facility. 

With the hope of successful fundraising, here is the anticipated timeline for Hope Center: 

  • September 2019: 
    - Complete security perimeter around property

  • October 2019:
    - Integrated Care Unit construction begins
    - Pharmacy construction completed

  • April 2020:
    - Integrated care unit construction completed

  • June 2020:
    - First integrated care mission at Hope Center

Why Build the Pharmacy First?

AIHWA must completely fund its missions to insure quality care. It's difficult to anticipate the quantity of medication and medical supplies needed for mission trips because the situation on the ground is fluid.


Having our own pharmacy allows us to access necessary medical supplies as needed. This way, we have guaranteed access to supplies and there is less waste.

You Can Help

AIHWA needs donations and volunteers. 

Your support to AIHWA's Hope Center will make a profound difference in the lives of others — patients and medical professionals alike.