American Initiative for Health and Wellness in Africa (AIHWA)

AIHWA is a collaboration between Africans and Americans to improve the health of Africans through healthcare that integrates body, mind, and soul.


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Our work

Faces of AIHWA

Meet Gloria, 3 years old and full of quiet charm. She's trying to lay still to keep her legs from hurting because of a sickle cell crisis.

Our vision for healthcare in Africa is an Integrated Medical Delivery System addressing the whole person: body, mind, and soul.


To make this vision a reality, we have four principal projects:

American Initiative for Health and Wellness in Africa (AIHWA) is a non-profit collaboration between Africans and Americans to improve the health of Africans.

Hope Center

A single point-of-care facility combining medical, mental, and spiritual healing in one location.

Integrated Missions

Volunteers and borrowed facilities host integrated healthcare missions to serve rural Africans.

Patient Prisoner

Arbitration and assistance to pay medical bills for poor Africans trapped in hospitals.


Health Conferences and hygiene clinics to educate both healthcare providers and patients.