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AIHWA Hope Center Edges Closer to Becoming a Reality

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Land has been purchased — fencing and pharmacy are next on the agenda.

AIHWA Hope Center embodies our vision of integrated healthcare.

When Hope Center is completed, it will host a number of health and wellness facilities including:

  • A pharmacy

  • Primary care clinic

  • Eye clinic

  • Mental health/counseling unit

  • Herb garden and organic vegetable garden

  • Sports/exercise areas

  • Healthy restaurant

Once Hope Center is complete, AIHWA will have a permanent facility to conduct medical missions and provide on-going services. Having our own facility greatly reduces the cost of providing care and helps us secure patient records.


Here are the next major milestones for Hope Center:

  • February – September 2019 — Fencing and building the pharmacy

  • October 2019  — Construction of Hope Center integrated care building begins

  • April 2020 – Hope Center construction complete

  • May /June 2020 — Hope Center Grand Opening

How You Can Help

We need to raise the final $300,000 to build Hope Center. Make your donation today!



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