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AIHWA Water Factory Complete

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

AIHWA accomplishes another milestone on the way to our goal to be a self-sufficient organization with the completion of the AIHWA Water Factory. At the cost of $120,000 USD, this water factory is set to distribute "aihwavita", the bottled water brand, for retail sale as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Pictured above: current factory building for aihwavita.

Now up-and-running, aihwavita will not only provide fresh bottled water to surrounding communities, but create a multitude of jobs for the local population. AIHWA's water factory will also be a vital source of revenue to support the Hope Center and all of its services.

"This is exciting because [aihwavita] will not only provide future resources for AIHWA missions, but is currently providing jobs for more than 15 people already," says Kenny Udumka, President of AIHWA.

Below is a video capturing the first bottles of aihwavita water being manufactured for retail sale at the AIHWA Hope Center site. This water factory will be among the many services available to those in surrounding communities at Hope Center. Some of the other services will include an integrated health clinic- offering an array of medical and mental health services, pharmacy, retail store, on-site hotel, restaurant and more.

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