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aihwa's Mobile Clinic Treats Hundreds in Remote Villages

What does aihwa do when patients are unable to come to us? We go to them.

Mobile Clinic in Umuowa village on the September 17, 2021. Patients treated: >110

This September, aihwa set out to conduct mobile clinic opportunities for remote villages outside of Owerri, Nigeria. Much of the population in these regions have few options (to none) when it comes to modes of transport. This means that, when they are in need of medical services, opportunities to commute into the city for proper treatment are rare and far between. Many available treatments are also too costly and patients are turned away due to their inability to pay.

This is where aihwa can help. Our mobile approach is now made possible with the aihwa Hope Center as our "take off" point to these underserved regions. Once a mobile location is confirmed, we are then able to go and set up our free health clinic with Hope Center's canopies, chairs, ambulance and other minor medical devices.

Thanks to our amazing donors and volunteers, we were able to bring medical services to hundreds of those in need.

The first mobile clinics were staged in the remote villages of Umuowa and Enyiogugu, southeast of Owerri. Patients (coming from both the local and neighboring villages) lined up for consultations with our doctors. We provided services such as diabetes screening, blood pressure, eye care, aihwa clinic referrals for surgeries, etc. Many were treated on-site, but those with more serious conditions/needs were taken to the Hope Center clinic with our ambulance for special attention.

Mobile Clinic in Enyiogugu Village on September 28, 2021. Patients treated >120

Due to the successful turn-out during our first two mobile clinic efforts, our amazing team at aihwa plans on continuing this practice. We currently have finalized plans to bring our services to two more remote villages (locations to be announced) in the near future and possibly more this coming year.

[aihwa's mobile clinic] is a continuous program for as many villages as we can serve. - Kenny Udumka (aihwa President)

With the 2022 right around the corner, end your year with a gift to aihwa. It is your generous donations that allow us to continue our efforts in providing health care to underprivileged communities in the Owerri region and beyond.



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