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aihwa's Diagnostic Building is in Progress

In March of 2021, aihwa broke ground on their Diagnostics Center building during their opening ceremony.

Breaking ground for the diagnostics center. (Owerri, Nigeria)

This building will be equipped with an elevator that will connect patients to the completed integrated medical clinic. The diagnostics center itself will provide space for ultrasound equipment, Cat Scan and MRI machines, a conference hall, laboratory, offices, variety store, chapel, and a pharmacy. This project is a major part of AIHWA’s new challenge to continue the growth of Hope Center.

Progress update on the Diagnostics Building.

It is your generosity that allows us to commit to a quick completion of this project. Its speedy completion will allow us to accept the donated medical equipment promised by an organization; once the diagnostics center is complete, we will be able to provide the necessary space for the equipment.

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