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A Joyful and Hopeful Spirit

On the last day of our five day mission in Nigeria, I met a young woman, Hope, and her two children, Joy, 3 yrs., and Progress 5 months.  She had walked to the AIHWA mission site with her neighbors seeking medical care.  The children had never had medical treatment, immunizations or medication.  They all had malaria.  Joy had crusted scabies from mite bites on her face and body.  The baby seemed listless and frail as she was cradled on her mother’s back.  I was struck by the faith of this young mother.  The names of her children alone were positive and hopeful despite the fact that she had so very little.

I was anxious to register them, to get them the help they needed. Unfortunately, by the time we reached the pharmacy, the supply of medications was depleted; she was told to return a few days later to get the medications.  I encouraged Hope to make the trip back to get the help they needed.  She was grateful that we had come to help them.  I gave her a miraculous medal and said I would pray for her and her family. She embraced me and gave me a big smile.

Because of the large number of people who came and still need to be treated, AIHWA's mission continues at Holy Ghost Hospital in Mgbidi. Current donations will go to complete the care begun at the mission for those like Hope.

Getting to know these strong and faith-filled people has given me renewed faith and hope.  

- Phyllis



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