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Say hello to Hope Center's new Diagnostic Building... now what's next?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Aihwa is excited to announce that, after nearly 2 years of construction, our Diagnostic Building at Hope Center has now been completed. After breaking ground in March of 2021, this building has been anticipated by those within the community who are dependent on aihwa for medical services as well as our overseas volunteers and generous donors.

Our diagnostic building is equipped with ultrasound equipment, laboratory offices, a community variety store, a chapel, a pharmacy, and an elevator that connects patients to our integrated medical clinic. Due to a recent generous donation of modern laboratory equipment, our lab facility will be serving 21 other smaller hospitals within the our region. The completion of this building brings aihwa one step closer to our goal of a fully integrated medical clinic in Owerri, Nigeria.

diagnostics building aihwa hope center Nigeria medical non-profit
Street View of aihwa's Diagnostics Building

With the exciting completion of our Diagnostic Building, aihwa is looking forward to working on our upcoming goals to complete our Integrated Medical Clinic, Hope Center. As of today, our main medical buildings are now complete and fully functioning, leaving us with only a few other essential tasks. These include gathering and shipping additional medical equipment donations, fundraising for our cold room, and breaking ground on our rest house.

Our cold room will be essential for storing temperature-sensitive and perishable medical items such as medicine and vaccines. With average local temperatures being around 30° Celsius/86° Fahrenheit, Hope Center does not currently have the ability to store such items, making it difficult to serve our patients and the local community without relying on other third parties for storage and distribution.

In addition, our rest house will be providing a safe, secure, and affordable option for family and friends to stay close to their loved one while they are receiving treatment at Hope Center. It can be very expensive and sometimes impossible for family and friends to commute to Hope Center when wanting to visit a patient at our clinic. Having our rest house will be a blessing to those who are hoping to stay close and monitor their loved one until they are able to return home after treatment.

Hope Center's Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center
Hope Center's Medical Clinic (right) and Diagnostic Center (left)

As a registered non-profit, aihwa is relying on our generous donors to assist in completing Nigeria's first Integrated Medical Clinic. If you, or someone you know, is interested in contributing to our mission, we accept donations as well as volunteer applications on our website.



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